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Unibos 1080p action camera with waterproof case with WiFi function, which allows to control camera via app compatible devices.

External card reader with USB 3.0 supporting SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC/RS-MMC/Micro SD/MiniSD card formats.

PC internal 3 pin cable for 30 cm extension of fan power cable.

PC internal 3 pin cable for 60 cm extension of fan power cable.

PC internal 3 pin Y splitter with 30 cm length is for powering two fans from single 3 pin connector.

PC internal pass-through cable allows 3 pin fan to be powered while having molex connector available for other use. With 30 cm it also works as an extension.

PC internal Y splitter Molex to 2x Molex with length of 30 cm.

PC internal molex to SATA power cable.



UNIBOS accumulator type AHDBT-401 for action sport camera GoPro Hero 4 with 4,41 Wh capacity. Accumulator is fully compatible and can be used as spare or reserve battery. It allows to record up to 120 minutes of footage.

Non-original accumulator type BP-511 for Cannon cameras.

Non-original accumulator type BP-950G for Canon cameras.


Canon: XH-G1, XH-G1S, XH-A1S, XL2, XM2, GL1, GL2, XH A1, XL H1, XL1, XL2

Non-original accumulator type LP-E10 for Canon cameras.


Canon EOS Kiss X50, EOS Rebel T3, EOS 1100D, EOS 1200D